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about Bob

Bob has been singing, acting and doing voices all his life. In 2010 he enrolled at the ArtEZ Conservatory in Enschede where he studied the voice and performance for four years. He was fortunate enough to have some amazing teachers and he graduated summa cum laude with an album he recorded and produced himself.

Since then Bob has been working as a voice professional full-time. Honing his skill on stage as well as in the studio.

Bob’s background in music gives him a broad understanding of communicating through sound. It enables him to look at the big picture and not just the voice-over part. 

Bob specialises in character work for animation, video games and narration. He loves diving into new worlds or subjects and learning everything there is to know about them. This way he can supply the best work for your project.

Bob was born in Singapore. He spent most of his childhood years in The Netherlands. He spent most of his twenties travelling and performing. He developed an ear for many different languages and accents. Also because of that, he has developed a near-perfect command of the English language. 

 “The space behind the mic is my playground. A playground with unlimited freedom and creative possibilities. When I’m in the recording booth I can become anyone or anything within the blink of an eye.”